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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Luigi’s & Mater’s Tow Yard Next

It looks like Luigi’s Casa Tires and Mater’s Tow Yard are next. thanks for the heads up, “carromato95.”

Mater’s Tow Yard looks to be a giant footprint (covering a lot of ground).

Looks like it’s 9-10 times the length of MINI so about 23″ long with all the fencing – and maybe just as wide.

It looks we’ll need more rubble and junk. Or sand – no one minds if cover the dining room table with sand? Right?

maters tow

Luigi’s Casa Tires is probably about the same size as the current one.

luigi night

Thanks “Mariela P” for the great photos.

“GotMeCollectibles” says the new Precision singles will be out in the next month or so (presumably Mater, Luigi & Guido come with their playsets).

So, which townies don’t have playsets? More Lightning McQueen versions?

Christmas 2016?

Amazon has Flo’s V8 Cafe down to @$60 along with everything else in the series – don’t fall behind. 🙂

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