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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Europe Checks in

Thanks “Gabriele M.” (sorry for the mistake!)

Good to know that new CARS are arriving in Europe – nothing too exciting but they’re getting the same releases as us.






A lot of stock! Thanks “Gabriele M!”

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  • BMW says:

    Hi Met, glad to see your new posts! There are so many repeats this year. Is Mattel dumping their left overs on 2016 new cards because they need to get rid of them before Cars 3 diecasts start arriving?

    And the new Super Chase Mater with duct tape, looks like plain ole Mater with a piece of plastic. Mattel did not even bother to change his expression to match the movie scene.

  • elius04 says:

    Ah ah, Met, you are confused!!!
    The pix are from Gabriele M. In Rome!

    (MET: So, close … I got some of the letters correct … Sorry Gabriele!)

  • elius04 says:

    Hi Met, are you sure these pix comes from Alberto A?

    (MET: Whoops, you;re right – fixed, Sorry Nico!)

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