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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Radiator Springs Classic 2016

The Radiator Springs Classic line continues at Toys R Us. We got no singles last year but we did get the great Tractor Stampede Gift Set.

We are scheduled to get more singles – mostly re-releases but some new to Radiator Springs Classics. Of course, these have ALL been released previously on regular cards but if you’re a card completist.

Milton Calypeer (scheduled for 2015 as a RS Classic but never released), Octane Gain (scheduled as a regular mainline release also), Timothy Truecoat (only available as a Final Lap release from 2009) and One Eye Mater (also only one release as a FL back in 2009).

Other than Octane Gain, the other 3 were not released in large quantity.

The other releases have all been out as a RS Classic release.

RS Classic 2016

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