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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Online, In Stores February 2016

In Stores and Online …

Transforming Lightning McQueen – FIRST EVER RELEASE (Amazon). or eBay.

Max Schnell’s Crew Chief – FIRST EVER RELEASE. (Amazon) or eBay.

Okuni & Shigeko – First Ever Release as a 2-pack, they were first available in box sets in 2011 and as singles last year. eBay LINK.

Brent Mustangberger with Headset and David Hobbscap – both have been readily available since 2012 in various packaging but the first time they’ve been available together. It should be noted that they have once again gone back to the misspelling of David Hobbscap’s name. there is no second P in his name. Also, listings online seem to think it’s Leland Turbo which is incorrect, it’s David Hobbscapp.

Of course, prices range and change on Amazon and eBay. And it’s delivered to your front door. 🙂

Happy shopping!



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  • Laika2 says:

    Hey! Sorry, I’m going to ask a question that has nothing to do with this topic. It’s something I have been wondering and it’s about this Tokyo Mater UK DVD from this old post:


    My question is: does this DVD has a menú or is it just the one from the picture of the language selection? And where is that pic announcing the DVD reléase from?

    Thanks and sorry to bother you but I don’t know where to ask about this as the pòst is very old, hope someone can answer me 😉

    (MET: There are diff releases for the EU as they are PAL formatted and not NTSC (different frame numbers) – I would guess that the Tall Tales are available in English, Spanish, and maybe French – the one on Germany Amazon says it’s subtitled in Dutch & Hindi so I presume they figure their fans probably know English? Since it’s not a major movie release, it’s language options are limited? This was listed because while the shorts were viewable – they were not available to buy on disc – but since that post, that has been changed – the US version contains a French & Spanish version so I presume that the language option is simply flipped?)

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