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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Blu Ray Finder 2007 to 2016 … and Then There Were 9?

The Blu Ray Finder game on the Blu Ray disc package from 2007 listed 217 CARS characters.

By the end of 2007, we had about 70 releases … so to reach 217 characters, that was just a pipeline. NO WAY would we get that many more releases. WAY. NO WAY. WAY.

Yep, we’re at about 950 … NINE HUNDRED FIFTY.

But there are still a few lingerers that have not gotten a release. Last year, we got 24 CARS 1 releases so that took a giant chunk out of the remaining ones … so here’s the 2016 of what’s left.

Bernie Banks. Not listed for release yet.

Guide 01

There is a 3rd Dinoco Showgirl shown, we’ve had 2 released – a third is not that important since you can easily but 1 more such as the new Deluxe release. We are still missing Bertha Butterswagon.

Guide 02

Dan Sclarkenberg has arrived via the back door again, will he get a real release soon?

Guide 03

Syd VanDerKamper has not gotten a release. Though now that we have a lot of releases with plastic accessories, hopefully we’ll get the COMPLETE Syd VanDerKamper.

Guide 04

The original trailer implied there were 217 CARS characters – but they don’t really count ALL the alphanumeros as part of the 217 as there are probably 50 CARS in that parade.

Hamm had a last name (apparently it’s not Bologna or Aneggs or Onrye or I’ll stop now).

Guide 05

Bennie Caliper still missing.

Guide 06

Another RV not released – Clayton Gentlebreeze plus Trev & Percy Hanbrakes still missing.

Guide 07

Guide 08

Guide 09

Guide 10


Guide 11

This is the second listings for the Tractor but if you added the box set last year or the deluxe, you should have 3 or more Tractors.

Guide 12

So if you count the extra Tractor and Showgirl – it’s 198 but so we’ll say 196.

Guide 13

And the only other character once listed as possible not in the Blu Ray Finder

When you were playing the Blu Ray Finder game, you did remember to mail your redemption?

AND there are a few stray characters listed in the CARS books …


Those that made it to prototype stage … Bernie Banks (basically Swift Alternator with a camera so he would be an easy release).

David Chickering job: 0947101

Clayton Gentlebreeze.

rick 1047469



And I think this guy is listed for 2016?

And EVERYTHING from the Final Lap that were missing in 2009/2010 have all been released!

So, only 11 missing characters if you count Trev, the Bug and the Fan pickup (which might be listed for 2016 along with Dan Sclarkenberg – so we’re down to 9?).

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  • Ryan says:

    Vroomaroundus Buggus is up there in the Cars Finder…same screen as Bennie Caliper.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I have a suspicion that the “yellow pick-up” that we had seen prototyped at the Peterson exhibit, and continually pops up as a “new release coming this year” — was in fact actually released as “Jay W.”.

    Mattel looked at the video, chose the obvious yellow pick-up, then made a prototype. Pixar then said, not -that- yellow truck, *this* yellow truck, and we therefore got “Jay W.”

    For the record, Percy Hanbrakes, Bennie Caliper, and Bertha Butterswagon were test produced in 2010, I have Bertha and Bennie in my collection.

    I also recall seeing a third Dinoco Showgirl in 2010, with “eyes centered” (as opposed to the “eyes right” or “eyes left” that were released).

  • RCcars5 says:

    The yellow pickup Rust-Eze fan was thought to be listed for 2016, but it seems more likely this is what will actually be released: https://gyazo.com/165b8f16357675d4af9d155afb5f0a52

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