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Mattel Disney Planes: More New 2016 Releases

More PLANES are coming – the easier to match ones are HERE.

Thanks “79Nitraode30” for matching the names to possible screenshots.

There’s another bi-plane coming, presumably a re-paint of Bessie Flywell or Leadbottom.


Beau Nanza

Beau Nanza

We’re also going to get three “Bonanza’s” (Wikipedia)


Three Cessna’s …



A couple “Tail-Draggers.” Which look like the Cessna’s but have different wheels/landing gear.


mustard tail

“Curtiss” (?)


Also a Sea Plane (not the Deluxe one, Sharpes – this is listed as a single)

sea plane?

There’s also a Ranger plane and a Ranger Helicopter – from the Flysenhowser Carrier scene? Or from the Park Ranger scenes in Fire & Rescue? – hard to tell.

There is also a PLANE listed as Formula 1 – presumably from PLANES?

Thanks “79Nitraode30” for matching the names to possible screenshots.

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