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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2016 2-Pack Diecasts

Thanks “Get Me Collectibles” for the info.

New 2016 2-packs are shipping and coming now!

CASE A are all technically re-releases but mostly first time EVER configured together. Lizzie & Stanley, Brent Mustangberger & David Hobbscap with headsets, and Okuni & Shiegko.

DINOCO MIA/TIA and RUSTY RUST-EZE and DUSTY RUST-EZE have been bundled together before.

case a revised

Case B features more 2-packs of Brent Mustangberger & David Hobbscap with headsets, and Okuni & Shiegko + the Rust-Eze Brothers …

BUT Case B features 3 new 2-packs and 5 new releases!

Jeff Gorvette Pitty.

jeff gorvette

Mater with No Tires.

mater no tires

Lightning McQueen with no Tires.

Lm with no ties

Thanks for the open pics, “Mack Me Bucko!”

Michelle Moteretta


& Heather Drifeng.


Thanks “Mack Me Bucko!”

CASE A seems to be arriving in places – when you spot CASE B, drop us a line.




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