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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Deluxe 2016, First Cases & Releases

Thanks for the info, “Get Me Collectibles.”

Deluxe Case A: Frank, Red, Lightning Storm and “McFinn with Breather.” so presumably Submarine with a “breather” device – will he also be a unibody face?


Screenshot. And we haven’t seen a Deluxe Finn release in 4 years though only about 2 years since he’s last been on the shelf.  ;-p

Finn Breather

Deluxe Case B brings us the first SUPER CHASE of 2016 – BUD.

More Frank’s (Guess he’ll be a pegwarmer soon).


More pics of Bud HERE. I can practically feel his three air conditioners cranking away. 🙂 (of course, those of you on the East Coast need a cool, crisp air conditioning on now, right?)


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