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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Flo’s V8 Cafe Unbox, Part 2

Part 1 is HERE.

Precision Series Flo’s V8 Cafe – a thing of neon-like beauty.

FLO Lights Close2 WM

Like a beacon in the dark of night – beckoning you with oil, gas and funnel cake.

FLO Lights Close WM

While I did not do a direct size comparison as it’s too hard to remove my original Flo’s – it appears to be the exact same size. The only real difference (besides the lights obviously) is that original Flo’s building roof opens to reveal a second story and a non-canon ramp. You also get more road pieces so the overall assembled Precision Series Flo is larger but the main unit appears to be exactly the same.

FLO Lights Roof WM

Flo's V8 Precision Light WM

Flo’s diecast is essentially the same 1:55 size with some slight differences plus lights, of course.

Flo top

Flo rear

Flo Diecast Front

Replaceable batteries.

flo bottom

Flo Night

Very real.

Flo Night tail

A fitting addition to the CARS 2 lights & sounds diecast lineup.

Amazon has the Flo’s V8 Cafe Precision Series at a nice $65 price.

And of course, don’t forget the AC Adapter for 24/7 fun.

Thanks “David V!”


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  • tzdtmm says:

    I bought this a few days before Christmas and absolutely love it, I love that you can leave it in the box and still light up Flo and the Café, and man is it ever neat lit up. It makes me want to visit California Adventure
    to see the real deal even more now. Great job Mattel, awesome job on it.


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