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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Carnivale Racers!

Looks like we have NEXT UP for CARS 2 racers … the Carnival Race.

I hope the tires are banana scented.

We don’t usually list eBay auctions but if you can’t wait to start ANOTHER series.



Transcontinental Race of Champions race series

Neon Race – hosted by Shu Todoroki
Silver Deco Race – hosted by Lightning
Ice Race – hosted by Vitaly Petrov
Carbon Race – hosted by Max Schnell
Carnival Race – hosted by Carla Veloso

ONLY 6-8 more repaint series to go!

My suggestions for the other series.

Nigel Gearsley – Top Hat Series – every car gets a Top Hat!

Frosty – Aussie Outback Series – a dangerous, scary,deadly Australia animal attached to each racer as an accessory.

Raoul Caroule – Cheese Series – each racer reps a different cheese region with cheese tires!

Francesco Bernoulli – Pasta Series – each racer is piled high with different pastas!

Rip Clutchgoneski – Hydro Series – since Rip’s country is usually flooded …

Jeff Gorvette – The Great American Race – every racer painted in red, white and blue

Lewis Hamilton – Gold Series – with real gold leaf



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    I agree to give the news of new series coming out of Car models,
    but I agree not to mention ebay seller who has these
    News nor the auction that the reports.
    Thanks, good greetings. SEDEMA

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