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Mattel Disney PLANES: Russian Rochelle, Tanya

She’s not a diecast but still a fun addition.

Thanks for the great pics, “Kitty VH!”

tanya box

“… the button on top is to set the propellers to work and pushing again let her speak in Russian.”

tanya sice




Same size as Roger the Space Shuttle.


PLANES in Russian.

planes logo

It looks like there are other in this series?

box back

Thanks for the great pics, “Kitty VH.”

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  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Thanks for info! International sellers only at min so will keep an eye out for him! Looks ace!

  • Momoe says:

    Just wanted to correct a statement made by John

    Roger’s cargo bay DEFINITELY holds Moon Mater.

    • John says:

      To clarify:


      Plastic Moon Mater DEFINITELY fits inside of Roger.
      Metal diecast Moon Mater DEFINITELY does NOT fit inside of Roger.

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Wow wow wow I never knew Rodger had a release… am I right in saying that canopy looks like it opens on it? EBay here we come!

    • John says:

      Roger, (no ‘d’), came out in 2012 in the Take Flight series. He’s all plastic, but very nicely done with flashing flames and speaks these phrases in random order with a button press:
      “My name is Roger”
      “Prepare for Moon Landing”
      “Welcome aboard Mater”
      “Lets burn this candle”
      “rocket sounds”
      “Good Luck Mater”
      “Blast Off!”
      “Houston, we got a problem”
      The cargo bay doors do open, but Mater doesn’t fit inside.

      The set included a DVD of Moon Mater and a 1:55 scale plastic Moon Mater. They sat at Toys R Us for a couple of years before deep discounts finally got rid of them.

      There’s also a diecast Disney Store Moon Mater in a set with Impala 13 and a diecast Mattel Moon Mater.

  • 79nitroade30 says:

    How did you get one? I’d like to buy one as well

    (MET: Only available in Russia).

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