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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Color Changers Return

Color Changers have finally returned.

Thanks for the heads up & great pics, “LaneChange.”

These were hinted at a while back but it looks like they finally returned.


These were all released before CARS 2 (and the few CARS 2 Color Changers), it looks like the color change/shift is the same as before?






Thanks for the great pics, “LaneChange.”

These are the only six on the list.



color changers 2015

Last chance to pay $100 for Sheriff. 🙂 I guess people really love Color Changers.

I’m not sure if Dip & Dunk Mack made it to retail or perhaps they were waiting for these to arrive.

Photographer Jeff O'BrienStylist Alison Zukovski

Amazon does have Mack with Dip & Dunk trailer.

The final is slightly different than the proto photos.


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