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Mattel Disney PLANES: Blackout Blackout

Blackout blackout.


Thanks for the convergence pic, “Quercy.”



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  • quercy says:

    When I saw this one I got the exact same expression as Blackout ! like looking in a mirror 🙂

  • anonymousperson says:

    What store was this? Already have Blackout, but this is the best price I’ve ever seen for Disney Planes.

    • quercy says:

      This is my WalMart in Pooler near Savannah… Yesterday I did a run in Jacksonville, FL and visit nothing less than 10 Target and 6 Walmart…. I saw ONE Mayday, ONE Skipper, couple Leadbottom and Chug. The rest were loaded of jumpers and different versions of Dusty. There was no trace of any planes from the new wave and I am talking about the first one of 2015 with Tysonitis and cie…. What a desapointement… On the bright side I was able to get all the Cars I need to get up to date with what the market is offering…

  • John in Missouri says:

    This photo is obviously PhotoShopped, because we all know that the Planes line has not and will never reach pegwarmer status.

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