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Swordfish Live & Let Die

Unlike the Narwal, the Swordfish actually uses his …

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6 May 2015 nature 4 Comments


  • jake18hunter says:

    It’s a sawfish. I watched clip again and believe the gills are underneath.

  • jake18hunter says:

    That’s not a swordfish. It’s a saw-nose shark

    • hostile takeover banker says:

      This is becoming a biology lesson for me now. I wasn’t sure what a saw-nose shark was, so I looked it up. It appears that sawsharks and sawfish are different creatures and easily confused. Sawfish themselves are actually rays! Anyway, looking at the differences between the two, I am inclined to think it is a sawfish still.

      (MET: You mean there are more types of fish in the ocean other than shark, clownfish and blue Dory?)

  • hostile takeover banker says:

    That is a sawfish being incredibly awesome. Swordfishes have the pointy sword bill, not like this.

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