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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Circus Super Chase is Back in Town

So far, no CHASE CARS for 2015 but SUPER CHASES are back – yep, the circus is back in town and it’s CIRCUS CARS!

Thanks for the great pics, “LCC!”

First in town – CIRCUS VAN.

circus van card

Some assembly required.

circus van close

So it looks like the full CIRCUS CAR Troupe will arrive (I thnk someone mentioned the sedan in frot of Mack has been spotted?)

circus cars cardback

The look pretty much like the prototypes revealed may years ago …

I think at one point they were scheduled as Super Chases in 2014, then it was prsumed they would be a box set for SDCC or D23 Expo but it looks like they are back to carded SUPER CHASES. High res photos of the CARS except Circus Van in our last post.

circus card2

Thanks for the great pics, “LCC.”

In CASE V – good lick finding it at retail. Drop us a pic if you actually spot it.

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