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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: V Case Super Chase is a Clown CAR?

The listing for the Super Chase CAR of CASE V is somewhat cryptic*:

“Circus Van”

While I wouldn’t bet my life on it, I scanned through the Tokyo, Italy, France & UK scenes and nothing stood out as a “circus van.”

There are two clues pointing to this “clown car” as the one …


It’s a van (Mini?).

And “John H.” says he’s seen it in recent backdoor auctions …

AND as noted, there’s really no “circus” scenes in CARS 2 even off to the side of a scene so …

Yes, these are just hints of clues but that’s a lot of smoke – even if it’s not a smoking gun.

*While, the official name is P.T. Flea’s Circus Troupe, when diecasts are listed, the person typing in names basically works like some feeble computer AI looking at a photo and taking a guess at describing it … for instance “Determined Lightning McQueen” was listed as “LM with Tar & Dust,” which is descriptively accurate so when it reads “Circus Van,” it is some circus van and there’s really no other circus van.

PT Fleas Clown Cars

We’ll know for certain soon.


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  • carslover says:

    knowing mattel it is probably the van all the execs drove in to the circus last year

  • John in Missouri says:

    But what “person typing in names basically works like some feeble computer AI looking at a photo and taking a guess at describing” what we see above as a ‘circus van’? Wouldn’t it be more like ‘brown van with big ears’?

    I don’t doubt that it’s going to be this particular van, it’s just that I go crazy when everyone jumps on the bandwagon with so little confirmation.

    (MET: He’s a witch! Stone him! 😆 ).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Come on, Dave Foley’s character Flik says “Circus Cars!” and John Ratzenberger replies how bad they are. Thus the circus cars are from the epilog scenes at the drive-in.

  • Capitalregionnycarsfan says:

    I was reading the Meet the Cars book with my son and Topper Deckington III bus route in London goes through Petroldilly Circus. Mater races by Van in London blowing open his carrier. I think it is Van in that scene.

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