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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Queue at Retail For the Q-Case

Thanks for the great pics. “Rob (My 7 Kids).”

It looks like the 1st 2-cases of 2015 do NOT have the poster. The P-CASE and now this, the Q-CASE. It looks like the poster starts arriving in the R-CASE.

Tach O Mint/Greg Candyman – it’s first ever release on card. This plastic tire version was ONLy available in the Motor Speedway of the South set and NEVER re-released. There was a rubber tire version released.

greg candyman

Hooman has never been re-released since a Final Lap single – that was one of the last ones released so it was always limited.


Andrea has not been re-released since the ROR series … though she was out in the TRU box set last year.


Pit Crew Fillmore also hasn’t been out in a while.

PCM Fillmore

Marty Brakeburst hasn’t been out as a single in a while but has been in a couple box sets.

marty brakeburst

Chauncy Fares – first singles release – previously only available in a box set.


Acer hasn’t been out in a while.


Have 2015 singles shown up in your stores? Your region? Your county? Your state?

Thanks “Rob (My 7 Kids).”

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