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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Determined Lightning McQueen Posterized!

The second case* of 2015 singles contains a poster!

Thanks for the heads up and great photos, “John H!”



Poster mostly features the obvious re-releases but it’s a nice poster checklist for kids.



Folds out to @11″ x 8.5″


The Story Set playsets. John notes the only new CAR diecast shown on the back is the Hydraulic Ramone with Flames.


The diecast doesn’t really match this screenshot. Determine LM is probably from the very beginning of film when he rolls out of Mack?


While it’s not the most exciting sculpt, at last he’s an all-metal diecast unibody.

Lightning side


Looks like we’ll be getting the Bumper Save Pitty single release.


Thanks for the heads up and great pics, “John H.”

The first case singles POST from a few days along with Amazon links.

*NONE of CASE P (the first singles case of 2015) contains posters so it looks like it starts with this the 3rd case – R CASE. As noted, Amazon is selling it but I don’t think anyone has spotted this at retail?

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  • John in Missouri says:

    More like “No Tires Just Gas Lightning McQueen”:


  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Actually watching movie back this morning they should have left a tire off – the face would be a good match for when he gets the blowout and trying to get to the finish line lol

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’d say this facial / mouth expression looks more like a scene of LMQ pulling Bessie than anything else. He’s not ‘determined’, he’s pissed.

  • toyfountain says:

    Looking at the zoomed pics on Amazon of determined McQueen I find the decals look very cheap compared to the ones produced a few years ago. The Lightning McQueen signature on the roof looks like a cut out of a red decal with yellow lettering. The original cars had what looked like a quality yellow ink signature instead directly on the paint.

    On the hood, there’s a red border all around the Rust-Eze decal. Same for all of the other decals like the lightning bolt and lights. It can’t be seen as well on the pics here, but it’s really visible on the pics on Amazon by using the zoom.

    (MET: ESpecially toys, Amazon just uses the photos supplied by Mattel and sometimes they are the hand painted resin prototypes … (for instance, Pinecone the smoke jumper is spelled PINCONE if you look really closely).

    • John says:

      I think the car pictured on Amazon is a pre-production prototype. I see that red edge effect on that one also. The production car I took these photos of is very high quality. The graphics look painted on.

  • Laika2 says:

    I was checking out the list of the new diecast, and I realize there is anything “new”, (apart from this determined McQueen) I don’t see the point on re-release the same diecast over and over in a different package? why they just release all those which were never released, there are many of them and different versions according to the situatons in the Cars movies. I may understand it’s because they may sell more with those diecast but it’s good to have something new this year. Met, Do you know if there will be a re-release of Sally with tattoo in 2015 or anything NEW for Sally?

    (MET: Here are the ones scheduled for the early part of 2015 … there are others coming but they are unknown for now).

  • BMW says:

    “Determine LM is probably from the very beginning of film when he rolls out of Mack?” Looking at the Screenshots from roll out of Mack, this Mcqueen is not a good match for those scenes. Yes agree thar this Mcqueen is similar to the Dinoco Showgirls 3 pack Lightning Mcqueen, except for the mouth. So its new.

  • jake18hunter says:

    I don’t know if someone has posted this yet but actually determined mcqueen is a rerelease but with a correct name. Some people call it angry mcqueen because it had no name. Only difference I see is the mouth. It came in the 3 Pack with the dinoco showgirls.

    (MET: As others noted in the other comments, here’s my take. If Determined LM’s expression matched the mouth on “Aggro” LM (from the Showgirls 3-Pack, then Determined LM would be a replacement but since the mouth doesn’t match – “Aggro LM” remains a variant since he’s just called “Lightning McQueen” on that box. Dtermined LM remains a different release *version* and not a variant).

  • brianmc4745 says:

    I have not seem any new cars at retail since early December, none of my stores have restocked once.

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