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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: CASE P, 1st 2015 Singles Case

Revised from the last listing. The biggest news is “Shigeko” is included.

In the last listing, there was Miko, Shu’s fan – either she’s now a Super Chase? Or just moved to another case. Recently, most case assortment seem to stay accurate only for a few weeks – then it’s revised … but this looks like the latest listing for CASE P should be correct as it’s shipping …

CASE PSnot Rod may also be the ones with Flames but not a huge difference.

(While Guido & Luigi are separate diecasts, they count as 1 as they are on one card).

Shigeko (& Okuni) appeared ONLY in the Box Set, the Tokyo Spy Mixup 10-pack (TRU exclusive). Okuni the red one is scheduled as a single in 2015 also.

Tokyo Spy Mix up 10-Pack MC

It is unknown as of now if Tamiko, the umbrella geisha (an exclusive in the Streets of Japan 5-pack) will appear as a single in 2015. (the list for 2015 is not fully revealed).

Streets of Japan 5 Pack MC

Thanks for the heads up, “ED!”




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