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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: CASE P, 1st 2015 Singles Case

Revised from the last listing. The biggest news is “Shigeko” is included.

In the last listing, there was Miko, Shu’s fan – either she’s now a Super Chase? Or just moved to another case. Recently, most case assortment seem to stay accurate only for a few weeks – then it’s revised … but this looks like the latest listing for CASE P should be correct as it’s shipping …

CASE PSnot Rod may also be the ones with Flames but not a huge difference.

(While Guido & Luigi are separate diecasts, they count as 1 as they are on one card).

Shigeko (& Okuni) appeared ONLY in the Box Set, the Tokyo Spy Mixup 10-pack (TRU exclusive). Okuni the red one is scheduled as a single in 2015 also.

Tokyo Spy Mix up 10-Pack MC

It is unknown as of now if Tamiko, the umbrella geisha (an exclusive in the Streets of Japan 5-pack) will appear as a single in 2015. (the list for 2015 is not fully revealed).

Streets of Japan 5 Pack MC

Thanks for the heads up, “ED!”




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  • BMW says:

    Like Ferris,
    this case was stocked at my Walmart on Halloween. I have also found it at 3 more Walmarts so far. The Wingos I found were flameless.

  • Ferris says:

    I found this case today. Snot Rod and Wingo had flames. It looks like the contents are correct.

  • aluebke says:

    Have you realized that there are huge problems I have not seen someone talking about here!?

    I don’t know whom to blame – Mattel, Target WalMart!?

    I’m in sales and I travel a lot through the country. Since May, Target and WalMart (my main sources) have not really got new packs frequently. So I was wondering why….

    Have you realized that the bar code on the back of a few cars couldn’t be read by the scanner and the cashier has entered the price by hand!?
    How can this item (cars car) being checked out of their system!?! And of course it didn’t.
    So in June/July time frame most of the Targets (I just talked with them and not with WalMart people, for some reasons I don’t want to mention here) had just a handful of cars on the shelf’s and no new coming in, but the system has shown 30 or 40 in stock! What a surprise. So I even found a Target in Oregon that had 52 in stock and 0 (yes ZERO) on shelf!
    Of course when the system says 40 in stock, the system will not release an order.
    When talking to the Store Manager they had all kind of excuses!!!

    So I was the pain in the ass to the guys at my Target (where my office is). I really asked every week if they have checked the system… but of course they didn’t. At one point I was so pissed that really someone did it and manually has overwritten the system and bing new cases where coming!

    However, the Target around my office has got a few new lately but also missed a lot. For some reasons always the once with the superchase in it!?

    Or other thing… have you found lately the 2-Packs at Targets? Nooooo… they don’t even have the DCPI number any more in the system!!!!
    How can I complete the collection? Have to go to WalMart or the other Idiots at TrU.

    So I called Target Customer Service last week and also Mattel!!! I explained the problem. Mattel at least the Customer Service Supervisor called back. But if this will change anything I don’t think so!

    We should take our Money and short sell the shares of Mattel. Was a good bet the last quarters.

    And I think things are not going to be better. I don’t know if Mattel people are to stupid or just ignorant!?
    I should sent them my resume – I know at least (as well as all of you guys) what they can do better – do it differently as you do currently.

    I’m so frustrated that I started to collect Basketball Trading Cards.
    At least to collect something…

    You know what I’ll look at linkedIn and see what guys from Mattel are around


    • brianmc4745 says:

      This has happened to me every time I have bought cars at wal mart. Also, I found this case at wal mart today and it happened today. The card backs are also diff on this case, it seems they are no longer like the 2013 and 2014 card backs. I’d also like to note that this is the first case I’ve seen since case d. They completely skipped over 4 cases.

  • Dunroamin says:

    Kit Revster is new to Singles…correct?
    What do these cardbacks look like?

    (MET: Yep, Kit is new to singles – previously in Target box set).

  • MackDaddy says:

    Corporate sabotage! Why would Mattel start the year off with a dud? Do they really think these will sale? Don’t they employ numerous bean-counters that SEE what the public WANTS to buy? Why promote today what DIDN’T sell yesterday! Bring out the HOT toys! Think of the money they would quickly reap in if they just did the research! We don’t need a case of new but 2 or 3 would at least keep my interest peaked. I don’t know about you but in my neck of the woods these will never sale and they will clog the pegs for the rest of the year! I might have to resort to buying them and returning them elsewhere! If it weren’t for Take Five, I may have dropped off long ago. Thanks Met! Ugh!! 😡

  • brianmc4745 says:

    Man I haven’t seen any case since case d months ago, none of my stores have even restocked since late July early august besides maybe case a, the target racers and the walmart racers. This has been a bad year for cars.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Well, who can resist a few more geisha?

  • bobbyjack says:

    Great case for new collectors, but I don’t need any of those Cars.

  • John says:

    Local stores still have plenty of 2011 Max Schnells; good to see there’s two more coming to keep them company.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Bumper Save and Shifty Drug are now actually called by their racers’ names.

  • MoMcQueen says:

    Who’s selling cases? Inquiring minds want to know.

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