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LEGO 2015: Toy Fair

Collider has some great photos of just some of the LEGO sets coming out in 2015. Apparently they are releasing 313 set in 2015 – er, did you win the Powerball? Maybe then you afford the set a day LEGO year advent (resting on Sundays and taking a few holidays). And I’m guessing this count does NOT include the Mini Figures.

Star Wars – they can’t really show off the new film stuff but of course, there’s still stuff from the other 6 movies.


I can probably afford this set.


This looks sweet – was there 3 in the last movie? There is a new Avengers movie – in case you forgot.


They also have the Jurassic World line.


There’s also the DC line with a couple movies coming.


More pics here at ComingSoon.

Collect them all?


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28 February 2015 Lego 2 Comments


  • Tom says:

    My 4 and 8 year olds have really gotten into Lego recently. My wife and I are enjoying them quite a bit also.
    They have this strange marketing concept whereby you can actually walk into just about any store and purchase new releases right off the shelf! No trading or hunting required. Also, prices are reasonable, sales are common and each set has a lot of play value.
    Here’s the kicker, Lego even listens to their customers and provides product based on what the customer requests!
    A 180 degree difference from our Cars collecting experience. Mattel could learn a lot from this profitable multi-billion dollar enterprise that has developed generations of loyal fans.

    (MET: What a crazy unreasonable request! 🙂 ).

  • brianmc4745 says:

    I picked up the slave in early January and I just got the hella carrier yesterday, both really nice sets, although I have no
    t built the slave yet, waiting for my 5 yr old to get a little more involved. I got him the dc set with gorilla gruud for Xmas, plus the new advanced tie interceptor. That new collectors edition tie is next on the list.

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