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Matchbox “Alfredo” Ambulance

If you like a regular diecast to go with your Disney Pixar CARS, Matchbox has a European ambulance …


Well, technically it’s  Renault and not an Ivesco. But, hey, it’s only $.99


It’s also not technically a diecast as other than the axels, I’m not sure the Matchbox actually contains any metal.


Alfredo on the other hand is SOLID diecast metal – unibody all over including the black area – not plastic, metal.


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6 February 2015 diecast One Comment

One Comment

  • MoMcQueen says:

    We came home with this in a five-pack. (It has a metal base.) It was one of two Matchbox packs that mysteriously (no, not really) landed in our shopping cart when we took a quick (long) detour on our way to get groceries. (In reality, I go toy shopping and then toss groceries in the cart to make it look like I’m the grown-up here. Not the other way around.) The other five-pack has a vintage fire engine in it. My three-year-old spotted it from six feet away and started screeching. So. Ten more diecast cars to add to our collection of, uh, 500? Six hundred? A thousand? I’m scared to count.

    (MET: Nice!)

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