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Disney Big Hero 6 Behind the Scenes

There is a fun feature (and video) at Engadget about the creation of the film – their computer? 55,000 Core CPU (if yours is a 4-core, you’re blazing!)

“San Fransokyo contains around 83,000 buildings, 260,000 trees, 215,000 streetlights and 100,000 vehicles (plus thousands of crowd extras generated by a tool called Denizen). What’s more, all of the detail you see in the city is actually based off assessor data for lots and street layouts from the real San Francisco. As Visual Effects Supervisor Kyle Odermatt explains, animating a city that lively and massive simply would not have been possible with previous technology. “You couldn’t zoom all the way out [for a] wide shot down to just a single street level the way we’re able to,” he says.”

There is also an action packed preview clip.

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