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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Boxed Target Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen

An interesting Target exclusive is coming this Sunday …

“NYC Jack” sends us nice retail photos.

RS Team LM

It is essentially the promotional Lightning McQueen given away at Toy fair 2014.


That was an interesting situation as it was NOT marked Toy Fair on the outside nor on the acrylic box but now it looks like they simply ran a few extra hundred extra with a unique box to give away in January 2014 and Target will be offering this one over the Christmas season now.

It does come with a more retail friendly box. Retail friendly is code for not as easy to shoplift …

LM Front

“Brian R.” sends along some “open” photos.

“Brian R’s two versions are slightly different (windshield color and lighter for his non-Target one) but I believe he mentioned his was without the outside “Lightning Eyes” box so it may be not be an official one.




The photo below is an official Toy Fair one – and as you can tell it’s darker … and the windshield is darker so it looks like the only real difference between the two versions might be the direction it sits in the box. The graphics/words are only imprinted on one side of the acrylic box. You can see more photos of the TF version in the link above.

RS Team

It looks like they come in a box of 8. The DPCI number is on the box so if you want to type it into the scanner at your store – you can see if they have it in stock.

BoxIt is shown in the scan of Target’s Toy Book 2014 (from bfads.net) – this is NOT the Black Friday listings – just the Holiday Toy Guide so it’s hard to tell how “limited” it might be. Since it’s not a Black Friday listing (as of now) but a a holiday toy item, it should be in stock through Christmas (presumaby) but we’ll have to see … it’s only $14 so it seems likely it’s not very limited but who knows. If your store only gets one box – then it is limited, obviously.

black friday

It is listed online at Target.com – it might become active on Sunday – and Target.com is offering free ship to store now so if your store does not have it in stock, you might be able to get it shipped to a store.

Thanks for the Target.com heads up, “John H.”

Thanks for the great photos, “Brian R,” and “NYC Jack.” Thanks!

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  • carromato95 says:

    The target website shows as not sell at the stores day after was available .But in ebay there are selling it up to $55.00

    (MET: Technically, they are not available until after 10.26).

  • Adam S says:

    Why so expensive?

    (MET: Ransburg, 2 metal screws, plastic/acrylic box and extra cardboard & shipping costs – $.70. Slight markup from regular McQueen – $9 … One less Barbie to sell? PRICELESS! 😆 ).

  • tzdtmm says:

    I bought one yesterday also, the employee had to dig one of out of the back, she said there were only 8 for the entire store, so this particular Target only received one case, so it sounds like these are pretty limited.
    The differences I see between the Toy Fair pictures is the “World of Cars” logo on the Toy Fair and “Disney Pixar Cars” logo on the Target edition acrylic boxes. That and the darker grey side windows.


  • John says:

    Its a standard one-piece metal McQueen. Went to Target yesterday with the DPCI number. The sales associate brought out an unopened carton of eight. We bought two and they rang up at the cashier as one at $14 and one at $5.60 off since this week there’s a BOGO 40% off sale on Hot Wheels. We didn’t ask for the discount, it just came up that way. The sale ends Saturday, the day before these are to go out on the floor….

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    The Car itself has been showing on the eBay back door, it’s metal there. I suspect the case is plastic in Target’s view, so it is all plastic.

  • kfalcon77 says:

    Target.com gives the description it as being plastic. Do you think that’s the case or the car? Its not clear.

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