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Disney Pixar: Japan Medicom & RevolTech Toys

In addition to the new Thinkway Pixar Toy Line, there are a couple fun on-going lines from Japan … The RevolTech line is Pixar only …

Pixar LM

He’s got 11 different poses. You can check out the entire line here – all the characters are poseable in some way.


Of course, all the RevolTech’s sculpts are high-end. Their Mutant Ninja Turtle line is nice.


Thanks for the heads up, “Josh F!”

From Medicom, a fun mostly Disney-some Pixar vinyl line including the PLANES predecessor Pedro!

You can check it up here – click on DISNEY. There’s even a SID (from Toy Story) and original TRON!

The PEDRO short is available on these Disney DVD Shorts Collections, Walt Disney, It’s a Small World of Fun or Saludos Amigos (Disney Gold Classic Collection).

If you just want the Pedro story, it’s in this collection of Disney Classic Tales.

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8 October 2014 Disney Pixar 2 Comments


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