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End of an Era – Last Network Saturday Morning Cartoon

End of an era – the LAST network Saturday morning cartoon series aired on the CW this past weekend. ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox had already given up on cartoons Saturday morning. Of course with cartoons and animation on-demand, plus entire networks airing animation, it’s not like it’s the death of TV cartoons but still … who doesn’t have memories of Saturday morning PJ-wearing watching? (Baby Boomers try to explain the concept to kids today of shows airing ONCE a week and if you missed it …)

Scooby, scooby-doo, where are you?

scooby doo

Or the 3-million times I watched Daffy Duck get shot by Elmer Fudd and laughed and laughed EVERYTIME Daffy got shot … SHOOT ME NOW! SHOOT ME NOW!

Another one of my favs …

Or when cartoons would teach you real useful things other than just when duck season was …

That’s not to say I didn’t watch 9,000 hours of other shows but these were my favs …

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7 October 2014 TV 2 Comments


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