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New Disney Pixar Thinkway Toy Line & Returning Favorites

There’s a new Pixar action figure line in several scales at TRU from Thinkway Toys (they’re not marked exclusives but they’re only at TRU so far).


They’re available in several scales – featuring 7 of the Pixar films (not the Toy Story’s, CARS, CARS 2 or Brave). The larger scale ones in box features electronic actions and sounds. The giant NEMO is cute, moves around and says lines from the movie.


And a few aisles over – were these ever gone? Or are they just making a bigger comeback?

care bears

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22 September 2014 Disney Pixar 4 Comments


  • greatwhitenorth says:


    You can buy the original older packaged stuff for LESS online!

    Toys-R-Us is trying to make-up for lack of / lost sales by raising prices on current items and insanely overpricing new stuff.

    They are pricing themselves OUT OF BUSINESS!

  • desantis says:

    I saw these in the stores but didn’t see anything on any of the cardbacks about Ratatouille. Is Remy actually available in some format?

    (MET: Maybe CASE B?)

  • Refriedbeans says:

    Very cool! But those prices are insane. Especially the Wall E stuff because its just rereleased merch

  • carcollector6 says:

    I always found it weird how after the movie was out for a while, the merch would just disappear from the stores (Cars and Toy Story being exceptions). Cool they’re bringing some of the older characters back.

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