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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Singles CASE H Coming

The next singles CASE H is much like the previous cases this year, 1 each of new vehicles and the other 21 a sprinkling of 2014 releases …

The new CARS in the case includes Francesco Fan, Alberto:

fran fan

Casino Pitty’s (SORRY< NO CASINO PITTY’s)

Pitty two

Sally with Tattoo

Sally tattoo

Thanks for the heads up “ED!”



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  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Is there a pic or list of full case? Just wondering if there is any sign of n20 Cola in there seem to have missed him all year!!

    (MET: N20 Cola is not in this case nor does he seem to be in the remainder of 2014 cases, you might want to see if any of T5 forum readers might have one – or if you need more PC racers, check out the 11-pak).

    • BMW says:

      N20 Cola is in Case A. Case A seems to be the Target case of this year. Saw a N20 Cola yesterday, as Target is still stocking Case A as of October 1st. The first Case A I found was at Target back in early March. 7 months LATER and still finding case A at Target! (Also Target had a lock on case W as well.)

  • aussieboys says:

    We found Alberto @ a Kmart in Brisbane , Sally too , didn’t pick it up though. Pitty’s would be nice !!!

  • jeaks says:

    I found Alberto today in Myers (Perth Australia). Case had just been put out. Did not have Sally with tat.

  • BMW says:

    Casino Pitties I read were not in the H case? Can you confirm this Met?

    (MET: Yea, they got pulled – sorry – will update. Thanks).

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