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Finally, All You Eat Shrimp … With ONE Shrimp

10 things you think of when you see this shrimp.


10) I’ll see your alligator and raise you a shrimp.

9) See, I told you there’s no problem with flushing all those pharms into the ocean.

8) So, what does a Fukushima Lobster look like?

7) Finally, all you can eat shrimp where no one loses.

6) When we were kids, one shrimp could not feed a family of 15.

5) Whale & Shrimp DNA mixed – what could go wrong?

4) Finally, jumbo shrimp that’s not an oxymoron.

3) Global warming is all good. You should see the new mega jumbo sunflower seed – it makes this shrimp look like krill.

2) We’re gonna need a bigger boat.

1) If these reproduce like regular shrimp, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

No, it’s not just photoshopped, there’s a video & more photos – read the rest at USA Today.

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18 September 2014 Food 3 Comments


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