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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: More Radiator Springs Classics Coming

It looks like the Radiator Springs Classics line is continuing with “new” re-releases. In addition to expected continuing rereleases such as LIGHTNING & SHERIFF, there are some nice re-releases that welcomed as they were not really easy to find in the first go around.

Antonio Veloce Eccellente

Antonio White MC

Edwin Kranks was upgraded to a unibody last year so it’s presumed this new re-release will be a unibody.Edwin Kranks 2 MC

Greta.Greta MC

And Mildred Bylane.Mildred Bylane MC

It looks like the list is only partially updated so we might get a few more. It looks like there are also more 3-packs listed but it’s unknown if they are all re-releases or whether there are a couple new CARS 1 diecasts in the mix.

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