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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Escape From (Plastic) Frank

There is a new playset that attaches to the other new ones coming called Escape From Frank.


It looks like the nicest plastic Frank yet but it is plastic. He is sized about right. The rest of the CARS are also plastic.plastic frank

“Escape From Frank Track Set … this engaging play set features Tractor Tippin’, backward driving and Frank the giant combine harvester! Using a kid-powered booster, cars launch out forwards and backwards just like Mater does in the film! Take one of two possible tracks and speed around the fields. Race through a huge loop or try to tip two tractors. Be careful and quick, or the fence at the end of the track may drop revealing a large, menacing Frank! When he pops out to scare Lightning McQueen and Mater, he exposes a huge jump! Cars can blast down the track one last time, aim for the jump and fly over Frank to safety, or miss and get trapped below. This iconic set is modular for diverse reconfiguration and even more creative ways to play! Its multiple connection points also allow kids to connect with other play sets, accessories and transporters in the Story Sets system, to further expand the movie themed adventures. Connect, collect and create … Tractor Tippin’, forward or backward driving and Frank the giant combine harvester! • Huge loop, two track options and a kid-powered launcher blasts cars into the field! • Tractors tip over as you drive by! • Frank hides behind a fence until cars trigger his reveal. Try to jump over him without being trapped below. • Track set connects to others in the Story Sets line to build out the world of Radiator Springs.”

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