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Mattel Disney Pixar Toons: Ice Racer’s Playset

The diecasts line that goes with this Toon were revealed yesterday.

This is the playset that goes with it … though with the real world situation going on in the region, I wonder if the Toon will be changed to another wintry location …

Photographer Jeff O'BrienStylistJob“Disney•Pixar Ice Racers toon, Lightning McQueen and friends race in Russia. This track set packs tons of chilly thrills in the streets of Moscow! Slam down on the blaster and launch your wintry wheels on the course. Cruise the straightaway then hug the corner just right and drift past the city. Watch out for the cliff at the end or you could fall off the set! Continue through the icy streets and bounce down the sidewalk back to the start. Climb and climb again, but don’t drift too high or you could hit the buildings and trigger an avalanche! When the snow clears, a jump is revealed! Slam blast up to the top and go for it. Don’t hit it too hard or you’ll fly off the set! When the competition is done for the day, activate the gate and cars will exit the slippery course on to their next adventures! Set includes an Ice Racer Lightning McQueen car to get the racing started right away – and connects to other play sets in the Story Sets line, for even more exciting ways to extend the adventures! Each sold separately.”

It is just me or does the description writer of this playset have a much bigger imagination than the actual playset? 🙂

It won’t be that hard to swap out the spires … details


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