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Mattel Disney PLANES F&R Diecast: Deluxe Ryker is De-Luxe



Thanks for the great pics of the super-nice Mattel Ryker.


Unexpectedly, Mattel went all out on Ryker and he’s ginormous as he should be and as John H. notes, the size Emmanuel the Bus shoud’ve been …




Compared to Disney store Ryker, he is the Ryker-iest!


A great surprise, Mattel out does the Disney store metal and girth-wise.


Er, I could not caption this without being called to the mat as some of hack writer of crazed inneuendo so you are on your own here.


What I just said goes double here.


Guest writer Sir Mix a Lot says …


The gang’s ALL HERE (for now).

John H notes:

plastic chassis and tires, metal body (well it feels like plastic, but its a heavy truck so there must be some hunk of metal)
paint scheme is not true to the movie
boom telescopes, rotates and sprayer moves
Disney Store:
All metal, paint scheme is correct (not sure which has the more correct shade of chartreuse?)
very small scale, might go with Mattel Planes? (but not Mayday)
Group photo is our idea of Fire & Rescue from Mattel, Disney Store and Tomy with each character being most true to world of 1:55. (they aren’t all true, but closest… )
All are diecast except log wagon, Cabbie, Patch and small Sparky in one of the two group photos.
Thanks for the great pics and notes, “John H.”
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  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    The Striker fire vehicle made by Oshkosh from real life would scale down to 8.6″ long in 1:55 scale — thus, Mattel’s Ryker is still too small in length and height, but about right in width. These trucks must be huge!

  • bobbyjack says:

    Yes, I found one yesterday too. Opened him up last night and have him displayed with our Propwash Junction playset and Tent Row set-up. Ryker is larger than the buildings and tents.

  • John in Missouri says:

    I found my first Ryker yesterday and it is truly impressive. I had previously sworn off all things Planes, but when I saw it on the pegs I could not resist.

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