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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Good News or Bad News Preview

The good news is these are “fans” coming in”2015″ (or late 2014).

The bad news is these might arrive in Target 4-packs with 3 repeat WGP racers as many of the fans have been released as …

Shu Todoroki Fan

Shu Fan


Max Schnell FanMax schnell fan

Carla Veloso FanCarla Fan



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  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    The red Shu fan is now named “Max Sacar” — and strangely, it appears he comes in two styles, one with the flag, and one without. Same license plate number, but a different eye lid design. Curious.

  • Enzo says:

    More carbon copy “fans”? Really?!

    If they’re going to pick our pockets, at least Mattel could do it in style.

  • BMW says:

    Cute little guys. I have sworn off 4 packs and 7 packs.
    Every single one of the Target 4 pack “exclusives” were re released after the so called year of exclusivity. Mama B. Bruno Motoreau, Denise Beam maybe others I can’t think of right now.
    I suppose next we will see Clutches Foster as a single too.

    Frank Clutchenson was another 7 pack exclusive that was supposed to be released as a single this year, but no one has seen him as a single yet.
    Regardless, I will wait or do without, and that’s hard as a completest to give up, but my boycott of these 4/7 packs is firm. Unless there are 2 new ones per pack, then I might.

    The only real exclusives for Cars 2 have been some of the Toys R Us 4 packs and 10 packs. Shigeko, Tamiko, and Okuni, Tomber sipping oil, Wasabi Mater, (variant), Uncle Topolino with tires.

    Target no, Toys R Us yes.

  • Jinzo says:

    That’s sad. While it is nice to get new Cars, it sucks getting these 🙁 Mattel has my money on these already 🙁 As long as it isn’t a 7 pack, I’m semi-okay with it. HATE those 7 packs…

    • Jinzo says:

      Wait… isn’t Max Schnell fan Alloy Hemberger that’s currently out there? Looks exactly like it.

      (MET: I think you’re right – fooled by the prototype colors … guess that might be another clue, it’s a Target 4-pack re-pack).

      • Jinzo says:

        I have seen the new smaller box of the 7 pack of Chauncy Fares at my local Super Target. Definitely a re-repack of this 7 pack. Might be the same case with these now… smaller boxes probably… who knows until we see them.

  • cac1959 says:

    With the re-release of exclusive Cars from Target boxed sets such as Mama Bernoulli and Denise Beam, some people may pass on the boxed sets and hope they come out as singles during a later Mattel year… I know I’m tired of a 4 or 7 Car (or Plane) boxed set with 1 new vehicle.

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