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Disney Pixar CARS: Radiator Springs Town Customs
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS on 8 July 2014
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David C. sends along some photos of his fun and cool Radiator Springs custom playsets … I also modified a Fisher-Price Geo-Trax Fillmores Geo-Dome. Very nice! “… Sarges Surplus Hut that I made out of a tin can.” Wow, very cool! Thanks for the fun pics, “David C!”

Mattel Disney Planes: The Mysterious Metallic & Toy Fair Dusty’s Solved
Posted in Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes Diecast on 8 July 2014
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“Brian Richardson” & “Derek Muranaga”sends along great photos that finally clears up the mystery of the acrylic box Dusty’s. While there was a Dusty giveaway at Toy Fair, it looks like (Metallic) “Racing Dusty Crophopper” was supposed to be a Kmart Mail-Away. Derek’s very interesting photo of the box with product code started us down […]