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Hasbro Revenues Up But Not Enough According to Wall Street

“Hasbro posted second quarter sales of $829.3 million, up 8.2% compared to last year. Sales fell short compared to consensus estimates at $839 million.

Despite the increase in topline sales growth, earnings were down and fell by 8.2% to $33.5 million.”

Of course, this was the quarter they shipped TRANSFORMERS – sales are counted when shipped, it doesn’t matter how well it sells until the next quarter so basically WS thinks Hasbro did not ship enough Transformers (plus Star Wars, Marvel and My Little Pony). Along with Mattel’s 2nd Q numbers, it’s a tough start to the summer.

As noted it looks that Transformer is selling fine but their plan is that Transformers sells like gangbusters and that does not look like the case.

Planes seems to be doing as expected – another solid year.

There is one other test this summer, the toy success of NINJA TURTLES, a perennial evergreen – basically the most consistent #2 in licensed action … will the movie push it forward another 20 years? The turtles look different in the movie – will this be the new look? Are you going to the new Ninja Turtle movie? Will you stock up on the toys?

Ninja Turtle

Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy is also coming but expectations are lower for toys at mass – the collector line is expected to do most of the business there …

Looks like DW’s Dragon’s is already on its way out the door at retail.


You can read more about Hasbro at SeekingAlpha.


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28 July 2014 Financial, Toys 8 Comments


  • Refriedbeans says:

    Actually that Dragon toy is from the television show and was released about a year ago. The toys from the movie are selling like hotcakes where I live and have vacationed this year.

  • Jack says:

    You know a quick look into which other corporations own and control Hasbro and Mattel will reveal that they both have the same shareholders. Pretty much for any toy you buy in the world nowadays the same people get the money. So I don’t believe a few million here and there on any of their lines really matters to the toy masters. These major multicorporational shareholders are just too big to fail or care anymore. It’s the lack of competition and choices that make the market streamlined and boring.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Jack, which corporations own and control Mattel and Hasbro? I took more than a quick look but cannot find this information. Please cite your sources.

      • Jack says:

        Sure John, Take a look. Almost all the same companies on both list. Especially at the top with Schroder, Vanguard and Capital owning a ton of stock in both. Then a further look into these companies shows more of the same. All the same people getting paid from everywhere. It’s a private party and we are not invited.

        Numbers according to Stockzoa:

        Find out who bought Hasbro, who sold Hasbro (HAS) stock:
        Fund Name Number of Shares Share Valuation
        Schroder Investment Management 19.06M $898.45M Sept. 30, 2013
        Vanguard 9.24M $513.70M March 31, 2014
        Capital Research Global Investors^ 7.96M $437.95M Dec. 31, 2013
        MASSACHUSETTS FINANCIAL SERVICES CO /MA/ 5.82M $323.48M March 31, 2014
        STATE STREET CORPORATION 5.26M $292.74M March 31, 2014
        MANAGED ACCOUNT ADVISORS 4.33M $240.76M March 31, 2014
        Cornerstone Investment Partners 4.30M $236.82M March 31, 2014
        Wellington Management Company 3.34M $119.76M Dec. 31, 2012
        TIAA-CREF Investment Management 3.23M $179.53M March 31, 2014
        Artisan Partners Limited Partnership 3.08M $145.24M Sept. 30, 2013
        RIVER ROAD ASSET MANAGEMENT 3.04M $169.24M March 31, 2014
        BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 3.00M $167.11M March 31, 2014
        CITADEL ADVISORS 2.67M $148.58M March 31, 2014
        American Century Companies 2.56M $140.99M Dec. 31, 2013
        Edge Asset Management 2.39M $133.18M March 31, 2014
        T. Rowe Price Associates 2.35M $129.32M Dec. 31, 2013
        FIL 2.21M $122.65M March 31, 2014
        Allianz Asset Management AG 1.88M $67.64M Dec. 31, 2012
        Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss 1.86M $83.41M June 30, 2013
        London Company 1.85M $102.74M March 31, 2014
        Lazard Asset Management 1.72M $81.02M Sept. 30, 2013

        Schroder Investment Management 75.00M $3.14B Sept. 30, 2013
        Wellington Management Company 28.29M $1.13B March 31, 2014
        Vanguard 23.84M $956.12M March 31, 2014
        T. Rowe Price Associates 19.36M $776.38M March 31, 2014
        Capital Research Global Investors^ 16.23M $772.26M Dec. 31, 2013
        STATE STREET CORPORATION 14.94M $599.17M March 31, 2014
        Janus Capital Management 13.46M $539.71M March 31, 2014
        Cornerstone Investment Partners 9.19M $358.28M June 30, 2014
        BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 8.91M $357.48M March 31, 2014
        PRIMECAP Management Company 7.64M $363.39M Dec. 31, 2013
        Artisan Partners Holdings 7.37M $202.66M June 30, 2011
        Allianz Asset Management AG 7.34M $307.51M Sept. 30, 2013
        Allianz Global Investors of America 7.14M $240.17M March 31, 2012
        Inves 7.11M $197.31M Dec. 31, 2011
        Artisan Partners Limited Partnership 7.08M $284.00M March 31, 2014
        BlackRock Fund Advisors 6.99M $280.21M March 31, 2014
        BlackRock Advisors 6.22M $249.34M March 31, 2014
        AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL 6.08M $243.69M March 31, 2014
        NORTHERN TRUST 5.88M $235.91M March 31, 2014

  • greatwhitenorth says:

    ALL the stores here are OVERFLOWING with new Transformers toys –

    that NO ONE wants
    (including my 10 year old son who has no interest in anything Transformers).
    We did NOT go to see the movie either.

    Stores also seem to be stuck with the new Ninja Turtles toys –

    again, that no one wants (including my son).
    Also, will NOT be going to this movie!

    It does not help that ALL the stores have TONS of these exact same “new” toys but, let their other toy pegs and shelves go EMPTY?

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    I have a feeling they will be doing much better next year.

  • bobbyjack says:

    We are skipping the Turtle Movie Toys and sticking with the Nick figures. We also only bought 6 new Transformer movie toys. 5 Hasbro and 1 Takara. I can only see getting about 2-3 more TF movie toys.

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