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Mattel Disney Planes Fire & Rescue: 6-Pack “Sparky” Pitty

While all of the first wave of 18 Planes F&R diecast releases are available in nearly every configuration (see buying guide & checklist here), there seems to be ONE new release listed only available in one of the 6-packs … it looks like it might be “Sparky” – well, Sparky with Trophy.

Not RoperI’m not positive if it’s Sparky (Sparky is Skipper’s assistant) as he looks vaguely like this in the short AIR MATER (except his yellow baseball cap is backwards) but in PLANES, he has on a gray baseball cap …

This is presumably his look in PLANES F&R?

This is the Disney Store (plastic) release of Sparky …

Disney sparky

It seems unlikely it’s Roper (below).



Here are the two 6-packs … as you can see, they are virtually identical – presumably they are intended for different retailers …

Photographer Stylist

Dottie in the other 6-pack was first available in the tent gift pack with Dusty and currently available in a Target 4-pack.

Keep in mind that it seems likely Sparky with Trophy will get re-released in another configuration – but nothing listed as of yet …

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  • bobbyjack says:

    Sparky is about the last thing I need to complete a Planes collection.

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Note that neither of the Mayday castings includes his glasses. Perhaps this is the post-rebuild Mayday with “corrective windshield” as noted in the film? That also means he has no dented fenders, etc.

  • RRichie09 says:

    I actually opened my wings around the globe playset after reading the post that dusty might be plastic. Both dusty and dottie are 100% diecast metal, just like the pit row gift set. I’ve only opened one so do not know if some are plastic and others are metal though.

    The figures in the other playsets like propwash junction and yorkie carrier are plastic.

    (MET: Pretty interesting … does the packaging actually say diecast vehicle? If it’s plastic, they do not use the word diecast … I’m just wondering if they made a packing mistake).

    • RRichie09 says:

      Packaging does not say diecast anywhere, but the figures are definitely metal. I know the omission of the word diecast in the other playsets signified that the included figures are plastic, but this one seems to be the exception. Maybe some other people with the same playset and chime in?

      (MET: Guess we’ll have to go shake the packages in the stores. 🙂 ).

  • RRichie09 says:

    Dottie was also released in the wings around the globe playset with the blue control tower.

    A six pack to get one figure… gonna have to get this one on ebay.

    I’m starting to think we’re never gonna get a sparky from planes. A pit row gift set with skipper doesn’t make sense; skipper isn’t a racer… then again we got judge davis with tent… sooo…

    (MET: The one in the Globe playset is plastic).

  • Dunroamin says:

    wow..talk about a target for those stinky individuals who swap things in the package…

  • YuKiO says:

    I saw the six-pack with Dottie at Toys R Us a few days ago but I haven’t seen the one with Sparky yet.

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