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The UK Guide to an American Exotic Food

Here’s the UK Guide to an American exotic food … hot dogs.

Better than mushy peas!

Hotdog … how do you eat yours?

Who knew it could be so complicated …

1) All toppings must be secured either under a layer of grilled cheese or, on a top-loader, by making sure said toppings are firmly tucked deep into the bun’s cleft. It may look appealing, but anything you stack in a teetering pile atop a hotdog, will end up on the floor as soon as you take a bite.

So, if you’re coming to the US for the first time, have a hot dog! But it’s not as complicated as it sounds. A 2-year old will be happy to explain the how-to. 🙂

It should be noted in the US, hot dogs are two words, not one.

You can read the rest at The Guardian.

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2 February 2014 Food 3 Comments


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