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How To Speak Good American
Posted in Media on 1 February 2014
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What kind of American English do youse speak? You can take the quiz version at the NY Times. Or the interactive map of answers to about 100 different words/phrases at the NC State site. For those who selected other, what other way is there to say ma-yo-naise? 🙂 BTW, “aggregate dialect difference” is the apparently […]

Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Police Lightning Chaser
Posted in Disney Pixar, Disney Store on 1 February 2014
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It looks like the Disney Store diecasts have switched to the paper & plastic (not acrylic) mini carrying case format. Thanks for the nice photos, “Infiniti McQueen!” The new Police Lightning has color lights and metallic paint. The monochrome matte version was the previous release. And if CHASE’s are CHASERS, does that mean there is […]