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Mattel Disney PLANES: French Rochelle Arrives in France

“Anthony C.” sends along nice photos of “French Rochelle.” As you know, Rochelle is repainted in other  language version of PLANES. This is the French version which is mostly the same as the US English version.

france Rochelle

The US English version has the words “powder” on the body (or is it ‘ponder?’). The French version basically replaces the words with a large 22. The graphics on the tail/stablizer is also different (see below).

French Rochelle



This is the US diecast release.

On card.

US Rochelle

The different cardbacks.



Thanks for the great photos, “Anthony C!”

The French version of Rochelle is scheduled for a US release. There are no listings for any of the other versions (yet).

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12 December 2013 Disney Planes 5 Comments


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