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Walmart Ad Match – Banned For Life

Well, it’s He Said-Walmart Said but when you attempt the price match thing, apparently not getting the price match is NOT the worst thing that can happen to you …

You can read more (also video) at ABC15 – Arizona.



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11 December 2013 Advertising 6 Comments


  • 5oclockshadow says:

    There is a lady at our local Walmart who does this too. Extreme couponing and price matching. A lot of times she will get several baskets full of items for just a few bucks. It usually takes over an hour for her to check out; and none of the cashiers want anything to do with her. Anytime something doesn’t ring up right, or the coupons are expired, etc. , she will raise a big fuss until they finally give in and let her have it. All items then go on ebay or craigslist.

  • Tom says:

    Whatever supposedly took place re. the customer threatening the store employee was certainly recorded on surveillance video/audio.

  • HolyGeekboy says:

    I’m going to get judgemental and do some stereotyping here. You’re going to tell me, “You don’t know Joe Cantrell! You weren’t there!” That is true. However let’s see if we can read into Joe’s very own words to better understand what happened. Since the local press ate up his story in the name of playing up the “evil corporation bans hapless christmas shopper angle,” let’s apply some skepticism.
    >> Joe Cantrell loves to ad match. He goes through circulars to find the biggest discounts, and then goes to Walmart.
    Oh, That Guy? Yeah, I’ve seen two or three Joe Cantrells in every WalMart I’ve visited on a regular basis. Yelling at associated about their ad-match policy. Threatening to get a manager. Telling the manager he’s a regular customer, threatening to go somewhere else. An entitled bully.
    >>According to the company’s website, they match the lowest advertised price on identical products, but when Joe tried doing that last week, the unthinkable happened.
    How exactly did he do it? WHAT HAPPENED?
    >>What started as a trip to a San Tan Valley Walmart to get ornaments for his family’s Christmas tree, turned into the biggest nightmare of Joe’s life.
    >>”I was handcuffed, humiliated and embarrassed in front of everybody at Walmart,” Joe remembers.
    Joe was probably being a jerk.
    >>”We make every effort to make sure our customers have a good experience in our stores. As in previous situations, we attempted to work with this customer. However, in this situation, the associate felt unsafe and so we contacted local law enforcement. We are continuing to cooperate with law enforcement on their investigation.”
    >>NEW: Walmart says Joe was banned because he threatened an employee
    >>But according to Joe, there’s a chance he just may be the most loyal Walmart shopper you’ve ever met. Joe told us he visits the mega-retailer at least twice a day — once in the morning with his grandmother, and then again in the evening. “I just love Walmart and that’s why I go,” he laughs.

    Playing the grandma card now, awesome. What I read here is “I really only beat up on WalMart because I love it. I’m used to getting my way, an if they didn’t make me so mad with all their rules and policies, I wouldn’t have to threaten employees. Why do you make me hit you, WalMart?”
    >>Because to Joe, every little dollar counts. “Sorry I get a little emotional about this because I’m disabled,” he said. After eight years in the ring as a professional wrestler and lots of injuries, “I can’t do what I used to do for a living anymore,” he said.
    So you’re a person with no skills and no money, so you take it out on low-wage store employees by using your physical prowess, and the second somebody calls you on it, you pull the “disabled” card.
    >>So four months ago, he started ad matching. But last week when a Walmart employee told him it wasn’t allowed, Joe complained to management.
    I’m sure in four months of two trips a day, Joe Cantrell has had many “encounters” with WalMart employees. I’m sure one either was holding the line on a policy or making an error.
    >>”When I left, he turned around and called the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office and said he felt intimidated and threatened. I was upset but never once did I say anything to the gentleman,” Joe said of the incident.
    So Joe, your position is that you shrugged it off and and “didn’t say anything,” but this employee was so shocked and stunned by your polite silence he needed to call the police? Now I don’t know much about the inner workings of running a store, but it occurs to me that calling the cops on pleasant, compliant customers might not be a good business practice.
    >>He said when he went back to Walmart four days later, three deputies handcuffed him, gave him a court summons and a notice banning him from any Walmart in the world for life. “I felt shamed. I felt like I was the bad guy. And I know I’m not a bad guy,” he said.
    Hey Joe, spoiler alert: You’re the bad guy. You’re a huge jerk and the people in the store can’t stand your mess anymore. Your limited amount of income is not worth their trouble. Go away.
    >>The deputies apparently agreed. Joe said when they realized the nature of the complaint, they let him go.
    The deputies letting him go have nothing to do with whether or not they agree with Joe or not! The deputies processed Joe and gave him the complaint! Whether there is further action or not is up to WalMart and the local prosecutor, and the press knows this. They’re just being lazy- and WRONG- for the sake of the narrative of the article.
    >>”They saw a grown man cry like a baby,” Joe said. “Probably because I knew I would be able to go home to my family and finish that Christmas tree.”
    I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight, thinking of how sad they made you, Joe Cantrell.
    >>Joe wasn’t arrested, but he said he’s facing charges of threatening, intimidation and disorderly conduct. He has no attorney and he’s still banned from Walmart for life.
    Good luck with that.
    >>Joe said he if knew ad matching was going to cause this, he just would have paid the extra money.
    No he wouldn’t have. “Winning” the power struggle and getting his way is the only way Joe has left to derive any sense of control over his sad life.

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