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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Metallic Silver Frosty Arrives – Not Arrives

“spamusubi” had an interesting thing occur at his Kmart during the Kmart CARS Day (last week) …

“One case of the ten opened at the Kmart near me had a metallic Frosty in it. Labeling and packaging was specific for this card, wasn’t a packaging error. It had the “metallic deco” indicator (it was silver) but no chase/super chase/kmart tag. On the back it said “as seen in the Australian version”.

No one else at the event (about 30 people) reported seeing (another) one. Sorry no picture, I wasn’t the one that pulled the car.”

It sounds like the color metallic Rip that was accidentially packed into an case early. As with the Lightning and Rip from the Kmart case, they are not technically exclusives and not chase/super chase, they are simply sniped METALLIC DECO. It’s hard to tell if they are a “theme” in 2014 with their own “theme flag or like in 2013, simply marked as METALLIC DECO without being counted as a regular release.

A while back, Frosty 2 as this was then known – was listed separately from all other diecasts but that listing has disappeared so it’s unknown if Frosty will get an Australian special release like last time and/or get a US release in a case and/or in Australia, it’ll just be a “regular” release also?

Until the full 2014 listing comes out, it’s hard to say. But since this one leaked one and it seems like a repeat of the Rip situation, and with all of the legalese, it seems likely we will simply get it packed in a future case.

I guess with the lackadaisical quality control now, there will always be a single release of something WORLDWIDE … the question is whether you sell it as a one-of-a-kind and smile knowingly when another 15,000 are released 4 months later or sob uncontrollably when 2 years later, it’s not released anywhere. What to do. What to do. 🙂


Thanks for the heads up “spamusubi”

Our last post on the Frosty 2 scenario.

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  • PopeMobile says:

    Hopefully spamusubi is driving all around Australia and picking up as many of these Silver Frosty’s as he can so we can buy them from him or do some trades. Spamusubi – you have a large audience here I’m sure that will want these – please keep us in the loop and allow us to purchase/trade these with you – thx!

  • jeaks says:

    I found Silver Frosty today at Target Australia. There were 24 to a box. It is known as Frosty with Metallic Finish. Has same card back as previous except that Super Chase has been replaced by Metallic Deco. The back is the same as the last card only with a silver frosty. My guess is that being 24 to a box that this will be a Target Australia exclusive and part of n event yet to occur. The Frosty super chase did not have Target exclusive on the card but it was. Frosty has a licensing arrangement with Target Australia

  • Lane Change says:

    Why doesn’t anything cool like this happen to me?

  • Pontiac Michigan says:

    Brand new Disney Store 16pc Metallic pack does have a GOLD metallic
    Frosty. This is a great set of World Gran Prix Disney scale racers.
    Also includes “exclusive” Frosty and Vitaly. Selling for 99.95 the set.
    Don’t know how to put in pics…..sorry.

    (MET: Not online yet, will post when it arrives. Thanks).

  • spamusubi says:

    Ah, I missed the prior posts showing it…the picture of the car on the card was of the normal (yellow) Frosty, but the car itself looks just like the one you have an image for.

    The K-Mart was in Redwood City, CA.

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