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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Super Chase Case N Rip Clutchgoneski Metallic Surprise!

“Holly H.” got a very nice surprise – upgrade in her Factory Sealed Case N …

Rip Metallic

The case is supposed to include a regular Rip Clutchgoneski but in all the repacking, unpacking and re-packing, it seems a Metallic Finish Rip Clutchgoneski must’ve slipped in from the “Kmart Case.”

I originally thought this Gold Metallic Rip Clutchgoneski meant the continuation of the Color Metallic at TRU but clearly in this packaging, it’s meant for the regular case of 24 CARS …

AND since Kmart was promised “no more stinky silver cars,” this is in no way a silver metallic diecast – so promise kept! So, this seems likely it’s the “metallic” Rip Clutchgoneski included with the “Kmart Case.”

AND look, it does not say CHASE so it’s a regular release.

But as of now, it looks like “Holly H.” has one of the rarest CARS on card along with Muggsy Liftsome. Now, this is a Super, Duper, Whooper, Karanga Chase as it’s meant to be. One per Planet Earth. None of that mamby pamby 4,000 for the citizens of Earth – instead of zinc, maybe it should be crafted of rare earth metals by naked dwarves in the deep caverns of Mordor Junction (just outside Propwash Junction) – turn left at the key lime fluid pie shop.

Thanks for the great photo, “Holly H.”

Rip Gold

So, you never know what you’ll really get with a factory sealed case.

This is the listed contents of CASE N.

Case N

Here’s the “Kmart Case” contents (yes, please use air quotes for the time being).

I did update it slightly to delete the silver reference.

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16 September 2013 Disney 10 Comments


  • MoMcQueen says:

    I just unpacked my two Case Ns and found my first anomaly in a case ever: two Verns in one of the cases instead of one Vern and one Petey Pacer. Unlike the t5 reader who found Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket — a gold, metallic Rip packed by mistake — mine is more like a booby prize. (Lame as I am, I still feel kind of special, though.)

  • Gary in MD says:

    Starting to see more Rips in the store now… and that’s reflected on a popular auction site. The bottom has dropped out of the price… While they were selling for above $40 each a month ago, they can now be had for $5.00 plus shipping.

  • BMW says:

    A friend sent me a silver metallic Rip loose so I could complete the Silver race series. Has any seen the silver Rip on card?
    Can’t quite believe it won’t be released.

  • John in Missouri says:

    Holly, you OPENED the gold metallic Rip???

    (MET: The open photo is from our original post on the color metallic Rip).

  • danheas says:

    And I just told my son yesterday he’d finally get to finish his set of silver racers. Boo, this will make him very sad. Had they not done Lightning at both events, it wouldn’t have been that much of a disaster.

  • bobbyjack says:

    I opened a Case N last week. One of my 2 Alex Carvills was on an Erik Lanely card. I’ve already traded it for an older car I never got.

    • danheas says:

      I saw one of these errors in a Target and thought hard about buying it, but decided to leave it. I guess it wasn’t a one of a kind after all.

      (MET: It’s like Bigfoot, it doesn’t exist unless you snap a pic and send it to us. 😛 ).

      • bobbyjack says:

        Don’t leave those kind of errors behind. There are collectors out there that will trade for those. I’ve been able to get some nice Cars in trade for errors I’ve found lately.

  • cac1959 says:

    Just checked mine… Regular Rip… looks like I wait until next month.

    Looks like this was a good change in case content for Holley.

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