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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart CARS Day Update

Kmart CARS Day #10 Factory Sealed cases are online … here’s the text link (or click on the graphic below):

KM Cars 10

The Coupon Code seems active:

EXTRA 10% off Kmart.com orders of $75 or more with code KMART10PSAVINGS thru 12/31/13.

Hopefully you will get the case contents listed. Rob (My 6 Kids) has already seen a different assortment (No Lightning McQueen’s if I recall – sorry, accidentally wiped).

NASCARBronco has some problem with a duplicate order that can’t be canceled because it’s already shipped.

People are also reporting that many Kmart’s seem to have already displayed the case assortment – still too early for the promo but how hard is it to change a 15 into a 19 on the receipt? 🙂

Those who practiced that in school – give us some pointers?  😆

In theory there’s another way to get credit for your case purchase – just buy it online, return it to the store and buy each one individually back … of course, you have to find a Kmart employee willing to do that – maybe it will work better AFTER the 19th and you can say you’re sold out of the collector CARS … it might help with real cute and sad looking kids. Good luck with that. This is NOT illegal or unethical as you are not cheating them of anything, merely taking up their time but you are the customer and it’s hard to fathom why something you purchase online does not qualify you for the in-store offer (since they offer in-store returns “no questions asked,” clearly they want the online & retail stores to link up). I’m presuming your local Kmart’s will be stripped clean of the CARS Day #10 CARS and most singles. Let us know if you can charm ’em. (Remember, charm, not belligerence).

BTW, the previous Kmart CARS Day #9 case are still listed (do you guys miss the banner from T5? It was up about 355 days …) … while the case looks enticing, I would caution you the odds are not great you will get this case assortment – since many seem to be repacked from stores – as the online warehouse seems to have asked for “extras,” back, the stores took the opportunity to stuff them with whatever so while you might get a correct case, the odds are high you might get 20 lightning McQueen’s with Racing Wheel (as one person emailed me). But good luck to you.

Let us know if you got a case already or had any troubles ordering?


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  • CarsFan70MI says:

    Very similar / sad news to report here in Michigan (Flint area).

    Went to 3 K-Mart stores this morning at / before / after the 9:00am start time, and NONE of the 3 stores receives a master case.

    2 K-Marts received nothing, and the third K-Mart put out 1 historic case.

    Went back home and ended up ordering a case online.

    The only thing I purchased today was the 5 older cars so that I could at least submit the redemption for the 2 cars.

    Sad, sad day here Michigan.

    • NascarFan says:

      Make sure you get me those store addresses and numbers


      • CarsFan70MI says:

        Will do. Please give me until later today/tonight.

        Kind Regards.

      • Sandy says:

        Went to the Kmart in Rosedale NY and I was told by a staff member they no longer had any cars. And were not participating in the event. It just seems they didn’t want to go to the stockroom and look for them. My son and I were very disappointed especially since they are in NYC area and always held the cars event. Will go check other Kmart’s this week hopefully I’ll be able to find them.

  • jjones1112 says:

    Hey guys. If anyone gets an extra metallic rip I’m in need of one. My local store never got the case and the other store about 30 mins away LITTERLALLY put all the old cars from the shelf on a table… I have a disappointed 5 year old. I have some items I’m willing to trade also!

  • Ryan says:

    Did it say somewhere that Kmart Cars day is at 9:00 instead of 11:00 this time???

  • Pontiac Michigan says:

    Received my pre-ordered K-Mart case today; contents complete
    and matched the previously noted case contents listed earlier on
    the site. Now I can take my time and gather a couple sets worth
    of card openers for the mail-away.

  • NascarFan says:

    Any other time orders were knocked out by fraud team, accidental keystrokes and we had to re re order. Not to mention BY PHONE some years… Lets make up our minds….shees.

  • PopeMobile says:

    The coupon code KMART10PSAVINGS does not work – I just tried it. My guess is that the Kmart site is considering the free shipping they are offering to be the coupon already and therefore will not allow any others to be used.

    • law6cpiggy says:

      I tried it too. It doesn’t work because it says that toys are excluded from this coupon. However, “toyonsert10” will give you $10 off when you purchase $50 in toys sold by kmart. I think the toy has to be at least $50 to qualify. I tried to do an order of several toys where the combined price was over $50, but it didn’t work. It did work on this case and I also got free shipping.

  • Matersgrlfriend says:

    KMart has sent me an email saying my pre order has shipped, wish me luck! I am still feeling annoyed that they didn’t give us a silver Rip nor a rubber tire Rip at this event. I feel incomplete!

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