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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart CARS Day #10 & Promotions FAQ

Kmart CARS Day #10 has an extra component this time – Buy 5 CARS, get two free Deluxe CARS (Muggsy Liftsome & Green John Lassetire). Of course, when you get Kmart involved, it’s as complicated as can be.

First, the simple part, Kmart will get a special case of CARS.

See below for the entire assortment.*
You can re-order a case this Sunday afternoon (10.13.13).**
This case will available in stores October 19, 2013 at 9 AM as individual singles. ***

* The final case includes a Gold Metallic Rip Clutchgoneski and a Silver Metallic CARS 1 Lightning McQueen. I did not update the photos below.

** They generally will ship the Monday following the in-store event but sometimes they will ship early. Or ever ship and cancel your order. Or double ship.

*** Or available at your local Kmart now. Or never available at your local Kmart.

Kmart Case 2013

However, if you buy 5 eligible Mattel Disney Pixar diecast CARS singles between October 19, 2013 and November 16, 2013 – mail in your Kmart store receipt, 5 cardbacks with UPC included and $3.50 – you will receive a set of Deluxe CARS (Muggsy Liftsome & Green John Lassetire). GO HERE to fill out the required paperwork.

KM Offer

There are some oddities to note. Unlike last time, there are only 3 series of diecast CARS singles eligible.

V2796 which are the CARS 2 Porto Corsa carded singles (2011-2012)
Y0471 which are the CARS Themes 2013 cards (the current series)
P7001 which are the lenticular singles from 2009 to 2010.

I find it hard to believe there are lenticulars left on the shelf but I suppose anything is possible. What is EXCLUDED as non-qualifying and non-eligible?



So, no deluxes, movie moments, box sets, PLANES diecast, etc, etc … and as Damian V. notes in his compliant to Mattel, NO leftover previous Kmart CARS day singles are eligible (metallic, rubber tire, etc …). Unlike last time where everything CARS related from Mattel was okay, this time, ONLY V2976, Y0471 and P7001 series singles.

Note, the Kmart receipt seems to list the exact UPC of each diecast so it’s easy to verify if that is the blister card you sent in to match your purchase. I cannot say they will go over each like it’s a crime scene but it’s worth noting. (Thanks for the receipt photo, “Wraukn.”)

Km receipt

In addition to having to open 5 singles purchased from Kmart, the difficulty is that unlike previous Kmart CARS Days in which anywhere from 5 to 12 releases were NEW, this time, there are technically only 2 new releases (Gold Rip & Silver Lightning). There are other releases are not technically new but not easy to find so even including Ruka, Mark Wheelsen, Luigi & Guido with Glasses, Mildred Bylane and Boost with Flames – minus the 9 often repeated releases, you only have 15 diecast per case of strong to some interest … we also know there have been cutbacks of shipments to most Kmart stores – so if the stores gets 2 cases, there are 30 singles of interest, 4 cases, 60 singles, etc … so if you are going to the store, look around and do the math to see where you stand. If you’ve never been, at 9 AM, they draw numbers – then in order, everyone is allowed to select 5. So, you can quickly see where you stand or don’t stand. AND hopefully your Kmart stores have NOT already put them out – then who knows how many will be available on the 19th. And keep in mind, the receipt is not good unless it reads the 19th through November 16th.

Previously the online sales were nice as if you wanted extras and wanted to skip the fight in-stores (or whether the KM you drove to actually had the event) BUT the problem this time is the SEALED CASES singles purchased online do NOT seem to count as eligible.

Kmart.com is NOT listed as an eligible “store receipt.” The legal requirements specifically says “original Kmart retail store receipt.”

Besides, the Kmart.com receipt also simply lists the product number/UPC for the sealed case ONLY and not the individual UPC’s.

So, you can try and test it out but it’s unknown if you will succeed. Maybe someone can call Mattel’s 800# and ask. My guess is you will be met with confusion.

In any case, online cases will be available to pre-order this Sunday afternoon. No official page yet, here’s the last offer page.

ONLINE Now – Case Sales Pre-Order NOW LIVE.

Here’s the list of Kmart Stores.


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  • thebreezz says:

    Lucky in Huskerland, I still have 4 K marts in the Omaha area. The manager at the South Omaha store also runs the Hot Wheels K days by the book! I checked earlier in the week and they got two boxes, so the 19th 2 boxes with 2 boxes inside. We had 8 people and got a ticket, she called 4 #s. I got lucky my # got called and we got to pick 4 cars. I figured with 5 silver McQ I would be able to get him on the second go round . I took 3 gold Rip and the one mark wheelsen. The others picked and then I got 2 Mildred 2 Guido & Luigi w/ glasses. Now what was on the table I just got any 15 and will send those in. I like K Mart ,besides I loved the Ivan mail in and I hope they keep going! Thebreezz

  • Lorri says:

    Hey Met, upon closely reading the official rules on the Mattel site, it really sounds like you get EITHER a Lassetire OR a Muggsy Liftsome for every 5 cars you buy. And it doesnt sound like the UPCs need to match the receipt but they do need to come from certain lots. Can you clarify?

    (MET: The banner clearly reads Lassetire AND Muggsy Liftsome – they even all-capped AND so it would be clear so if they try and weasel out, I can see CLASS ACTION. 🙂 As for the receipt, yea, I’m presuming that they’re supposed to match but will they go through the trouble? I don’t know. Until we hear otherwise … I’ll do a follow up post on Monday. Yes, ONLY three series of singles qualify, 2011-2012 Porto Corsa, 2013 Themes and 2009 lenticular …).

  • Momoe says:

    Our local KMart (Virginia) had the Collector Day case out on Monday morning (Oct 14). The only piece missing so far was Krate(?). I got a total of 10 cars and put them on lay-away until Saturday (worth the $5 fee).

  • PopeMobile says:

    Hit up 6 Kmarts today folks and all 6 already had their Kmart 10 Day cars already on the shelves. A lot was picked over but I was able to gobble up some silver mcqueens, mildreds, and mark wheelsens. There wasn’t a RIP in sight though. A lot of people still think RIP is worth $50 so they automatically take them all.

  • Traction MainBolts says:

    Hey MET I saw a new 2014 release Pit crew Fillmore with headset on a website some French world of cars site it is in a series called 95 Pit Crew im guessing pit crew member Mack with headset will be in that series I would send photos but I dont know how to. There was also Six Lenticular eye releases: Fabulous Hudson Hornet Green Ramone RPM Nitroade Leak Less and whitewall tires McQueen.

  • Cars4AandR says:

    Question: Do the Cars in K-Mart #10 qualify for the promotion?
    I sure hope so because the K-Mart in my area only has Silver and Rubber Cars on the shelves!
    The only advantage I have is that I am the ONLY one that goes to the events so I get the Store Poster, case poster, my pick of ALL the Cars etc…X-fingers it remains this way again!

    (MET: Yes, anything on the current “themes 2013” as well as the last CARS 2 Porto Corsa cards count).

  • Jack says:

    There’s going to be a whole bunch of loose Metallic Rips and other Kmart day 10 cars on eBay. That’s for sure.

  • Wraukn says:

    If you’re buying for someone else, just buy the cars in lots of 5 and send them the receipt for their lot so they can mail in for the promos.

  • BMW says:

    Please do not forget to mail in your *original Kmart retail store* receipt(s), appropriate number
    of basic car blister cards (5 per set), and check or money order
    (unless you paid by credit card) for $3.50 each to:
    Cars Muggsy Liftsome & RS John Lassetire
    PO Box 1229, East Aurora, NY 14052.
    Requests must be postmarked by 11/23/2013 and received by 12/6/2013.
    You will receive your Cars Muggsy Liftsome & RS John Lassetire set(s)in
    approximately 8-12 weeks after we receive your completed order form
    blister cards, original receipt(s) and payment.
    You will receive an additional email, including shipment information and an
    estimated delivery time frame once your order has shipped.”””

    • Mariela says:

      Can I send one receipt with 25 cars on it to get both promo times 5? Or does it has to be multiple receipts of 5 cars?

      (MET: it sounds like you should be able to – since this time, it’s more straightforward, 5 for 2 versus last time where they had to do math on $20 for 1).

    • Audifan says:

      Hi BMW, I’m new to the website and a big car collector. Is this NY address the one you mail all the blisters, receipt, and $3.50 for Mattel to ship it back to you? Also, for the paperwork at the top, do we fill it out before we mail or after and do we need to provide credit card info on the paperwork?

      (MET: Click on the link to go the Mattel website. Print out the form to mail in with your cards – if you don’t supply a credit card, send in a check/MO).

  • quercy says:

    Here is my positive way to see that promo… Buying 5 singles, paying the shipping fee and postage. Total $25.50 so each deluxe come at $12.25. A Deluxe with tax at Target is approx $7.50. Knowing these will be at least $25 and more each on ebay in a very near future. That for me is already a deal… No crazy SDCC issue, no need to buy a case full of repeat to get them like some Super Chase or any almost impossible gimmick to have access to the exclusive you want to put your hands on….

    My choice? Paying $12.25 each and have my kids and neighors playing with 5 toys (whatever diecast character they are) my collection does not need since I am a card collector.

    Of course this apply to poeple having access to a Kmart which are melting like the glaciers under the Global “Walmart” 🙂

    Honestly I really hope this is the last KMart day and have this event transfered to Target which would be more accessible to everyone…

    By the way there is still no sign of the event at my KMart yet… 8 days away…. 8 days….

  • snosno says:

    So after the 16th I can buy and open any 5 Cars 2 single blister from anywhere as long as I have a reciept from Kmart showing I purchased 5 singles?.?. I just want to be sure because I don’t know that I would open what they have but else where I might.

  • bubba101212 says:

    I’m trying not to let the early placement (and majority of them already gone) bother me. But when I’m trying to help others to get the mail-ins and some of the new cars I’m pretty upset.
    I can only hope that they still have stuff so that I can help others out.

  • Tom says:

    Yes Kmart appears to be making a total mockery of Kday. The case mix is pretty lousy and the stores seem to be even less coordinated with the central office than previously. If you like to collect on-card this messes that up since you have to send in the card backs (thanks scammers).
    Lastly, the drawing numbers/standing in line/starting at 9am policies all may vary by store and how hung-over or disinterested the employee running the event may be.

  • NascarFan says:

    According to Kmart, the cases DO NOT count toward the online offer.

  • MoMcQueen says:

    I have a feeling this will be the final Collector Day at Kmart. It seems to me like they are winding things down to a close. Oh well, I’ll still be dutifully climbing into my car at 4:30 am to get there on the 19th. If the one store I go to isn’t participating, there are another two within an extra half day of driving that I can find. At least, there used to be. Ugh. I’ll be packing a picnic lunch. And maybe a bedroll.

    Thanks for the update, Met.

  • cac1959 says:

    Most stores I’ve been going to during the event had cut back to 1 master carton of 4 cases starting at Kmart 7… if they cut back even further to 2 cases that’s not good news at all… 3 more stores that I’d been going to have closed since the October 2012 event… And it’s too bad they’ve excluded the silver series racers and the rubber tire racers – there have been several of those at many Kmart stores… And I’ve only seen 2 stores in Indiana or Ohio with any 2013 carded singles.

    Good luck to all.

  • bobbyjack says:

    With Kmart/Sears going bankrupt, I can’t see the point of actually paying someone to verify mailed in cardbacks with the UPCs, but I’m still going to be honest and send in the cardbacks of Cars I buy on the 19th. Good thing I’m an opener but this has got to suck for the carded collectors. Sucks enough for me who likes to have Carded Cars on hand to trade. I guess if anyone wants Gold Rips or Silver McQueens carded they will be hard to come by.

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