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Mattel Monster High Webarella at New York Comic Con

“Uncle Skippy” sends along behind the scenes photos from New York Comic Con – both interesting and presumably annoying to those shut out at San Diego Comic Con because “they were sold out.”

webarella pallet

“Uncle Skippy” is right, this is not the look of warehouse cleaning but clearly another run.

opallet sunday

This pallet is marked for Sunday sales. I guess they never promised that this was a SDCC exclusive only?

mattel webarella

Thanks for the great photos, “”Uncle Skippy,” enjoy the Con … er, Comic Con. 🙂

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11 October 2013 Mattel 4 Comments


  • LUCA says:

    is it possible that I do not have a chance to get 1 ( 1!! ) of them?! 🙁

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    It looks like they changed their mind somewhere in there.

    Some news releases and product descriptions say, “This year’s Monster High SDCC exclusive…”

    While others say, “This year’s Monster High SDCC offering…”

    “… began as just a thread of an idea but it didn’t take long before we were totally wrapped up in it. Now with no further spin, we are excited to reveal this year’s doll; Wydowna Spider™, the silky smooth Daughter of Arachne, dressed in her costume as the Power Ghoul™ Webarella™!”

    However, Matty’s product page still says she’s ‘SDCC exclusive’.

  • NascarFan says:

    Is there any hotwheels available too? Are the Hunger Games dolls Barbie new releases?

    Let us know if you see any Convoy Brothers sets, I am still missing my own set.

  • NascarFan says:

    Amazing. Uncle Skippy, drop me a note, nascarnbroncosfansATmsnDOTcom

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