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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Weird Launcher Coming

I guess they presume kids will want anything that launches a vehicle?

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Cheryl Jo

As I understand it, if you move the front tires, (plastic) Guido spins around Lightning and the red shifter launches the CAR out.Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Cheryl Jo

I believe Ramone’s House of Body Art is right across the street – I’m sure he appreciates the rocket launch … watch out for my shop!

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  • bobbyjack says:

    The original Radiator Springs playsets look so much better. I’ve had Flo’s on display for almost 3 years now and Ramone’s and Luigi’s for 2. I wish they would just do more of those.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Guido looks so sad. Is it because he lost his mouth; or because someone split him in half? Maybe you can open him up and look inside to see what he is really made of. I would definitely buy a Cars anatomy series.

  • MoMcQueen says:

    Groan. I walked into the toy department at my local Target yesterday morning and I was super excited to see six employees putting out what looked like 75 boxes of new Mattel stock. Until I realized not a single one of those boxes contained Cars. Or Planes. Or any Disney diecast. It was all stuff like this: playsets and/or action figures. (Plus a few Hot Wheels.) There’s nothing to buy. Our Walmarts did a reset about a month ago. Did Target maybe stretch itself too thin with its expansion into Canada?

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