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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mater the Greater Toon Box Set Unibody Upgrade

The last of the 4 Toon Box Set “re-releases,” also has a unibody upgrade.

Mater the Greater 3-Pack

So, while Daredevil Lightning McQueen (with Buck Teeth) along with Big Fan & Lug are all re-releases, they have never been released in a 3-pack before – so the packaging format is all new. In addition, Daredevil Lightning McQueen with Buck Teeth is a unibody upgrade. Whereas the original had the windshield piece with the gap (during the lenticular era) and a segmented plastic face plate (with teeth), now – he is a metal unibody diecast, his windshield is part of the body and even the buck teeth are metal and part of the same metal unibody!

A nice and surprising upgrade! Maybe they will reuse this limited mold to release him with rocket flames! The rockets are still plastic but they are nicely detailed.



There is one oddity in these photos supplied by “John H.” He uses the left Daredevil LM with Buck Teeth to contrast the color mismatch of the plastic face piece to the new classier looking unibody on the right BUT John H’s Daredevil LM has an odd windshield eye position.

All of the three Daredevil LM’s I have the eye position of the diecast on the right. Eyes low on the windshield dipping slightly cut off and large “eyebrows.” I also have the never released unofficial version with Flames. But all three have the lenticular windshield gap, the plastic segmented face plate but all three have the eye position and large eyebrow design of the CAR on the right. And the new “re-release” while a unibody carries over the low eyes/large eyebrows position/design … so I’m confused by John H’s diecast version on the left?



I’m certain my open ones were the Daredevil LM with Buck Teeth/Without were from the 4-pack box sets. So, the middle eye position.small eyebrow must be the Deluxe card version?

Anyone have one around to confirm?

(I looked at my high res photo from the side view and it does seem like the deluxe/mega size card one I have has the lower eye position – I can’t quite see it 100% but it seems to be – what do you say? John – do you think it’s from a card? Or maybe a variant I missed?)

But just to recap – this re-release seems to match the Daredevil LM’s I have in eye position and eyebrow, the main difference is the windshield and front segmented plastic piece are now all metal and a unibody.

Whether John H’s is a true variant or an oddball remains to be determined.


The back is essentially identical.


Big Fan has slightly production differences as they are from different plants (they presumably transferred the mold) but typical of production differences whenever you have a different runs years later – nothing that can be a considered a true variant.


The Lug in the box is the one on the right. There are 6 Lug’s released – all slightly different – the new 3-pack one matches the one I have essentially 100% … I am unsure of which Lug John H has next to this Lug as it does not seem to match any of the Lug’s (or Nutty’s) that I have.


The Mater the Greater sign has some slight variation but as it’s an accessory and not obviously different, I will not call it a variant.

Here’s the full lineup of John’s …


Thanks for the nice photos, John but we now have a couple mysteries – let’s CSI this!

You can find the first two releases here. And the Tokyo Mater Box Set coverage here.

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  • John says:

    I can send the mystery car to the Take 5 lab if you’d like? 🙂

    Unfortunately this collection belongs to my twin 5-yr old boys. We tear off and throw away all packaging and I have no idea where or in what format we might have gotten that car. If it proves to be unique then my vote is that the eyes tampo was placed too high at the factory as it looks like the same expression, just higher. We’ve had other cars where the eyes were lower or higher in the opening than standard.

    When we first started collecting Cars, Toys R Us was awash in various Mater the Greater gift sets. I think they’d already been on the shelves for a year or more and they were being very steeply discounted; that’s how we ended up with so many pitties.

  • BMW says:

    “So, the middle eye position small eyebrow must be the Deluxe card version?”

    Don’t think so. The Deluxe version #8 was the no teeth closed mouth with fuses. My Daredevil with Teeth in the Mater the Greater 4 pack is like yours with the middle eye position (inset eyes).
    Where did John get his, from a set or loose?

  • BMW says:

    Nice post. This new set and the Tokyo set have sold out at my Walmart.
    I found them the first day my store got in one case. The next day all were gone,

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