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Good News Story Of 4 Football Players

Here’s a nice story from New Jersey …

“The store was actually closed when the customers walked in, but the lock malfunctioned, leaving the store open past business hours. The men thought the store was open, officials said.

“The manager did lock the doors, but there was a glitch in our system and the alarm popped the door back open,” Marci Lederman, director of operations for Buddy’s Small Lots, told 1010 WINS.

Management got a call alerting them of a break-in, but found nothing missing when they arrived.

They then reviewed the surveillance footage which shows the shoppers walking into the store and calling out for a clerk who never appears.

On the surveillance video, the men are seen approaching the checkout counter, searching for assistance, and pulling out cash – making it very clear they are paying for the items they have picked up.

They were also seen “digging in for change, because he tells us later that he was paying the tax,” Lederman said.

 They ultimately picked up some batteries and sunglasses, put the money on the counter, and left.”

You can read more at CBSNY – with the surveillance video.

Here they are on the Today Show

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29 August 2013 News One Comment

One Comment

  • Cherie says:

    Wow! A story about people paying for merchandise when they know the cameras are rolling. Maybe they should all get a cookie!! Not stealing is not a “good deed.” It is what everyone should do. What a joke.

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