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Disney Toon PLANES: Jamba Juice
Posted in Advertising, Disney, Disney Planes on 17 August 2013
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Apparently these Disney people behind this PLANES movie knows a thing or 1,700 about marketing 🙂 At the bottom of the page at Jamba Juice is a free PDF download of fold out paper airplane designs.

Diecast CARS Display Option
Posted in Internet on 17 August 2013
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Here’s one way to go in displaying your diecast CARS … Though maybe it helps to tie it all together if you have a life sized Lightning McQueen.

Your Fighter Pilot Call Sign … The Process
Posted in History on 17 August 2013
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From Slate – Chris Kibble, former F-16 pilot explains how you get your call sign … surprise, you do not get to name yourself … that would like giving yourself a nickname … one thing for certain, no one else will call you that. 🙂 “Ah, naming ceremonies. Among the best of times for fighter […]