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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Kmart Promotion – Crazy Ivan!

The perfect soundbite from Hunt For Red October.

The recent Kmart Free-Ivan promotion is now official CRAAAZZZZEEEY.

The main portion of the promotion went pretty well as long as you were able to find a Kmart.

The second part of the promotion where you bought $20 worth of CARS for a free Ivan went well for people who had a Kmart AND CARS items in stock … later PLANES items counted also.

Most people received Ivan’s.

But Tom D. received a Muggsy Liftsome instead. Not better or worse but certainly different … and was he the only person in America to get Muggsy Liftsome?

Now, it gets EVEN weirder.


“Quercy” got an Ivan in a beautiful Mattel exclusive box. The typical white cardboard “outer” box you normally get with exclusives (1:24 Lightning, Lightning Storm, etc …)

Ivan open

Inside, with a nice cardboard sleeve holder – one genuine bonafide Ivan on card.

Ivan box card

Now, Quercy also got a shipment with more Ivan’s (as part of his redemption) but they just came on the Kmart stickered card and packed with air bags (that’s the poster at the bottom of the boxed Ivan).

So, what’s the story? I’m presuming they ordered some boxes and then realized it was cheaper and easier to pack more just on card and with air bags in a shipping box without this outer cardboard box which not only took up space, added cost AND even also more weight. The other possibility is they just got these in but that doesn’t really explain why Quercy’s other Ivan’s arrived in a separate box with no white box so I’ll go with the cost savings/less handling as the choice Digital River/Mattel made since even the shipping was free in this case.

Presumably there are a few thousand of these white boxes marked Ivan sitting in the fulfillment warehouse.

Ivan Product

Typical design & markings, white box with all the legal and required UPC info on the bottom.

So, thanks, “Quercy” for the nice photos and the oddball find. Anyone else get a white Ivan box?

Crazy Ivan!

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  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    I had an issue with the promotion that corporate Mattel addressed. It was totally unexpected, but, I received a carton from Mattel containing four Ivans packed in these white boxes. The carton also included four posters. It was also unexpected that the United Parcel truck driver would pound on my front door 8:30 PM on October 18th.

  • Wraukn says:

    I received my last 4 Ivans last week with no white boxes. Frowny face.

    • Mariela says:

      Same here…I’m frowning because of the way Mattel packed them not because of the white box…grrrr!!!

      • MoMcQueen says:

        My Ivans arrived in three separate orders, none of which were in the white box. It seemed as if attention to detail in packing went downhill after my first shipment. That one came in a nice, big box with an air pillow and extra paper padding, but the final two were sort of sloppily crammed into smaller boxes. Different packing method by different people in different warehouses? Or maybe direction from management to conserve resources as the promotion continued? I imagine it cost Mattel and/or Kmart a small fortune to give these away without so much as a handling charge. 

  • PixarPost says:

    Nice bonus box – I bet you’re right in your assumption that KMart probably ordered some with boxes and now they’re sending out the last of the stock that way. That’s cool that Tom got his that way as well! I’ll be interested to see if anyone else gets one in the box (I didn’t do the Kmart order since I got Ivan from a case last year).

  • Tom says:

    I received my 4 Ivans last week, all 4 came in the “White Box”.

  • Lightyear says:

    There will have to be an update to the top rarest Cars now, including the 1:1 Muggsy Liftsome and the 1:1 White Ivan Mailer box, thus bumping Red Ransburg Dream Halloween Mcqueen from the top.

    Heck, we’re swimming in Convoy Bros. compared to these two. Any Tom, Dick, or Kevin can get them. 🙂

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